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The Nazi Hunters is the incredible, hitherto untold story of the most secret chapter in the SAS's history.

Officially, the world's most elite special forces unit was dissolved at the end of the Second World War, and not reactivated until the 1950s. Among their last actions was a disastrous commando raid into occupied France in 1944, which ended in the capture, torture and execution of 31 soldiers.

It can now be revealed that the SAS never was dissolved: it lived on, commanded personally by Churchill and hidden even from the British government. They were tasked with hunting through the ruins of the Reich for the SS commanders responsible for the murder of their comrades, including many who had escaped the failed justice of the Nuremberg trials. Along the way, they discovered before anyone else the full horror of Hitler's regime, and the growing threat from Stalin's Russia.

Still studied by the SAS today and a central part of their founding myth, the story of the Nazi hunters is now told.

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Damien Lewis is a former war reporter and one of the nation’s “twenty favourite authors” (World Book Day). He is a prolific writer, penning over a dozen books topping bestseller lists worldwide.  Many of his books have been or are being made into movies, TV series or plays for the stage, and he scripts his own work as films (time permitting!). His war books include the No. 1 bestseller Zero Six Bravo, and his dog-and-man at war true stories include the phenomenally successful War Dog (The Dog Who Could Fly in the USA), both of which are being developed as films. His war victim memoirs - Slave, Tears of the Desert – have won a string of awards, and were international bestsellers. He also writes thrillers, and his first Cobra Gold, is being made into a movie by LA-based Safadi Entertainment.


Click here for more info on Damien's recent book Churchill's Secret Warriors.


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