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SAS Band of Brothers

by Damien Lewis

The last stand of the SAS and their hunt for the Nazi killers.

June 1944: an SAS patrol drops deep into occupied France, to wreak havoc and bloody mayhem. In a country crawling with the enemy, their mission is to prevent Hitler from using his Panzer divisions to drive the Allies off the D-Day beaches into the sea. Led by Captain Patrick Garstin MC, a man supposedly invalided out of the military due to war injuries, rarely had a wilder bunch of raiders gone to war. Having blown to pieces scores of prize targets, Garstin’s patrol executed an utterly daring escape . . . only to fall victim to betrayal. Captured, imprisoned and tortured by the Gestapo, they faced execution in a dark French woodland on Hitler’s very orders. But miraculously, two would escape, triggering one of the most extraordinary Nazi-hunting operations ever. . .

Summer 1945: with WWII officially over one SAS team embarked upon a shadow war all of their own. Armed with knowledge earned first-hand in the torture chambers of the Gestapo, the race was on to bring to justice the Nazi war criminals who had murdered their brothers in arms. In a deniable, deep-cover  operation backed by Winston Churchill himself, the ‘Secret Hunters’ would expose Nazi Germany’s darkest crimes.