"SAS: GHOST PATROL" - Latest book from best selling author: DAMIEN LEWIS


'Intensively researched and powerfully written.
One of the great untold stories of WWII'
, Bear Grylls

'An extraordinary true story from WWII that needed to be told, revealing amongst many things the incredibly brave Germans who fought in Britain's cause.'
Jack Mann, WWII veteran- LRDG, SBS & SAS

Summer 1942

With the Allies reeling from defeat on all fronts, Britain’s wartime leader conceives of a mission as outrageous as it is seemingly impossible: with Buck’s exhaustively-trained unit in the vanguard, British Special Forces are to attempt the most extraordinary ruse of WWII – driving thousands of miles across the Sahara, to bluff their way into a Nazi stronghold the enemy believes utterly invulnerable. Vintage Churchill, this desperate attempt to turn the tide of Nazi victories would break just about every known rule of war.

In SAS Ghost Patrol Lewis reveals a tale of suicidal bravery, untold daring and breath-taking deceit. Told with the panache and verve of a born storyteller, Lewis is in a class of his own' Saul David

Written with Lewis’s signature authenticity and dramatic verve, SAS Ghost Patrol is peopled by a cast of the utterly extraordinary: Buck himself, the quintessential British adventurer; Jock Haselden, desert spy and would-be assassin nicknamed the ‘Lawrence of WWII’; David Russell ‘the Flying Scotsman’, whose only worry was what to do when the war came to an end; and Merlyn Haruru Craw, whose speciality was blowing up trees on his father’s farm.

In its quirky eccentricities, outrageous rule-breaking and ferocity, this is a story that only the British could have authored. An epic of daring, courage, tragedy and against-all-odds survival, it may read like the stuff of myth or legend, but every word is true.




Damien Lewis is a number one bestselling author whose books have been translated into over forty languages worldwide. For decades he worked as a war and conflict reporter for the world’s major broadcasters, reporting from across Africa, South America, the Middle and Far East and winning numerous awards. His books include the World War Two classics Churchill’s Secret Warriors, The Nazi Hunters and Hunting the Nazi Bomb. A dozen of his books have been made, or are being made, into movies or TV drama series and several have been adapted as plays for the stage. He has raised tens of thousands of pounds for charitable concerns connected with his writing.