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SAS Great Escapes

SAS Band of Brothers
July 6, 2016
SAS Bravo Three Zero
January 13, 2022

Seven incredible escapes made by Second World War heroes

S as great escapes tells of the seven most dramatic and daring escapes of WWII executed by the world's most famous fighting force - the SAS. Ranging from the very first missions to end the war, these tales include some key household names, along with untold and undiscovered stories. SAS Great Escapes includes gripping accounts of superhuman endurance, of breathtaking bluff and nerve, of the use of audacious disguise and the wreaking of total bloody mayhem, as our seven dare to win all.

In crossing the sun-blasted wastes of the Sahara on foot hounded by the enemy, in cutting the wire of an 'escape-proof' POW camp and bicycling away, in busting themselves out of the depths of a Gestapo torture chamber, and more, each story is a nail-biting, rollercoaster ride.

„Exhaustively researched, SAS Great Escapes is based upon contemperaneous diaries, mission reports, debriefings, letters and testimonies provided by the families of those who were there. a raft of new and unseen material provided by the families of those who were there."

‘Damien Lewis has only gone and done it again. More astonishing stories from the Special Forces archives, more powerful than any novel.’ Dan Snow