Older Books

  • They were branded as cowards and accused of being the British Special Forces Squadron that ran away from the Iraqis. But nothing could be further from […]
  • By Halima Bashir and Damien Lewis Halima Bashir was born into the remote western deserts of Sudan, to the fiercely independent Zaghawa tribe. The Zaghawa are […]
  • By Mende Nazer and Damien Lewis Mende Nazer’s happy childhood in the remote Nuba Mountains of Sudan was cruelly cut short when raiders on horseback swept […]
  • by Mike Dowling & Damien Lewis “In Iraq we put our lives in each other’s hands day after day. We took care of each other no […]
  • In 2000 the British SAS pulled off what many consider to be their greatest mission of all time. A group of rebels in the West African […]
  • In the late summer of 1944 sixty SAS soldiers
 were parachuted into the Vosges Mountains of northeastern France – the last bulwark of the defences of […]
  • by Zoya Phan and Damien Lewis Zoya Phan was born in the remote jungles of Burma, to the Karen tribe. For decades the Karen have been […]
  • By George Obama and Damien Lewis George Hussein Onyango Obama is the youngest son of the Obama clan, born to a Luo mother and the father […]