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SAS Band of Brothers

SAS Shadow Raiders
July 6, 2016
SAS Great Escapes
June 11, 2021

The last stand of the SAS and their hunt for the Nazi killers

J une 1944: an SAS patrol drops deep into occupied France, to wreak havoc and bloody mayhem. In a country crawling with the enemy, their mission is to prevent Hitler from using his Panzer divisions to drive the Allies off the D-Day beaches into the sea. Led by Captain Patrick Garstin MC, a man supposedly invalided out of the military due to war injuries, rarely had a wilder bunch of raiders gone to war. Having blown to pieces scores of prize targets, Garstin’s patrol executed an utterly daring escape . . . only to fall victim to betrayal. Captured, imprisoned and tortured by the Gestapo, they faced execution in a dark French woodland on Hitler’s very orders. But miraculously, two would escape, triggering one of the most extraordinary Nazi-hunting operations ever. . ..

Summer 1945: with WWII officially over one SAS team embarked upon a shadow war all of their own. Armed with knowledge earned first-hand in the torture chambers of the Gestapo, the race was on to bring to justice the Nazi war criminals who had murdered their brothers in arms. In a deniable, deep-cover operation backed by Winston Churchill himself, the ‘Secret Hunters’ would expose Nazi Germany’s darkest crimes.

„Exhaustively researched, SAS Band of Brothers is based upon a raft of new and unseen material provided by the families of those who were there. It reveals an epic of courage, maverick-spirted daring and bloody betrayal, plus the gripping quest for vengeance and justice that lasted through to 1948 and beyond.”

‘Truly revelatory. The SAS at their very finest in WWII, and after, hunting down the Nazi war criminals’ Mark ‘Billy’ Billingham